2020 School Sustainability Awards

In a year of immense challenges, the 2020 Gold Coast School Sustainability Awards celebrated the Teachers who have continued to educate for sustainability. Again, our judges Cam Mackenzie, Anna Itkonen and Chelli Easson has a very difficult time choosing the winners.

The purpose of the School Sustainability Awards is to build capacity for responsible stewardship and citizenship.  The desired outcomes from developing this Awards program includes:


  • Ensuring schools engage with the Sustainable Development Goals and the cross-curriculum priority, sustainability in meaningful and practical ways;

  • Developing a whole-school commitment to sustainability.


The School Sustainability Awards are an initiative of the Sustainable Schools Network Limited and Gecko Environment Council.  Both organisations are committed to recognising, rewarding and inspiring teachers to engage with sustainability education.

Leading the Change: Teacher of the Year


Robyn Yates, from Tinana State School won the award for Leading the Change.   Robyn was identified as the guiding force and the inspiration behind a dedicated team, as well as being involved in a diverse range of environmental initiatives from recycling to Indigenous perspectives.  Robyn's approach is authentic and inclusive and is celebrated in 2020!

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$1000 cash prize
1 nights accommodation at Tangalooma Island Resort
Annual AAEE Membership
Leading the Change: Teacher of the Year
Runner Up


Erin Merrin, from All Saints Anglican School was awarded as the runner up Teacher of the Year.  Erin was recognised by colleagues as on a mission to empower passionate teachers, students and her community to be innovative and to better understand environmental sustainability.  As an inspiring role model increasing sustainability literacy, Erin is celebrated in 2020!

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$500 cash prize
3 nights accommodation in Hervey Bay
Leading the Change:
Teacher of the Year
Special Mention


Julianna Stewart, from St Francis Xavier Primary School was recognised with a Special Mention in 2020.  Julianna has a genuine passion for sustainability and a pure motivation to help young people to have a hopeful future.  Her nominator identified she is selfless, passionate and a champion at her school and like Robyn, a driving force for good!

$250 cash prize
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Ginnesse Johnston
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Ben Wilson
Isabela Keski-Frantti
Britt Cleary
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Angeline Anthony
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Dawn Clarke